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Come to see why our exclusive villa is the perfect paradise for your next getaway.

Travelling through lush green tea estates and picturesque mountains covered in mist, one arrives at the splendid property of ‘Floating Mountain Villa’.situated 3400 square feet above the ground. Floating mountain Villa is the perfect getaway destination for rejuvenation from brutal city life. This luxurious and spacious villa has been appointed with all the comforts one would require.

Looking out through the windows of this splendid abode, you will gaze in awe at the magnificence and beauty of the scenery which changes with the time of day. The sunrise that kisses the mountaintops and gently erases the shadows of the night is a sight you can fix your gaze on until all the of the hills are bathed in sunlight. The sun setting behind the mountains is another unforgettable sight.’

To enable a total viewing experiences are many nooks and corners where you can sit in absolute stillness and enjoy these breathtaking views.

The property consists of 6 luxuriously furnished double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms; Each room is decorated tastefully in its own charming way. A large dining area for 10 and two other smaller dining areas within the villa and a luxuriously comfortable sitting area as well.

The bedrooms open onto well-manicured gardens overlooking the awesome view of the hills. The most amazing thing about this property is that there is a 360 degree, breathtaking, mountain view from every area of the villa. There are also other areas outdoors, within the property where you can have your meal of choice, including a Gazebo. A place for quiet meditation is also available, this too under a shady grove of trees and overlooking a marvellous sculptured feature.

There are many other features too that this property boasts of. One of which is the infinity pool which is picturesquely placed against a backdrop of lush hills and a clear view of the ‘Kothmale Reservoir, which is a stupendous piece of engineering.

The food is superlative. One could enjoy an array of cuisines from English, Italian, French, Sri Lankan, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Indian etc. So be prepared for a culinary adventure of your choice or the choice of the Chef; either way, you will be assured of an experience that will certainly appeal to your taste buds. You could also opt for a B-B-Q outdoors under a moonlit, star-spangled sky. This would be the ultimate romantic experience.

A service par excellence is what ‘Floating Mountain Villa’ offers. The point of contact catering to your whims, whether it be food, drink, travel and tours, is Akila. He is certainly the most versatile individual. Also, it would be noteworthy to mention that he turns out some delicious cocktails and mocktails.

In the event, you have an urge for adventure, Trekking, Hiking, Nature walks, and much more could be scheduled into your itinerary. One could also visit the many tea factories in the vicinity and indulge in the luxury of enjoying a freshly brewed, fragrant cuppa.

Historic sights too are also a feature which could be included in your travel plan when at the Villa. One could visit the Kothmale Reservoir and see it up close. The ‘Hanuman Kovil’ is an interesting sight to see with its 16 feet statue of Hanuman, considered a god who is still revered to this day by devotees in and around the area. A tour to ‘Worlds End’, a train ride through the awesome views to ‘Nanu Oya,’ and a visit to a Strawberry factory. You could also visit a lush vegetable garden where most of the local produce is grown. A visit to the ‘Victoria Park’ too could be arranged. The park in question is believed to have the first Oak sapling planted by a visiting German princess.

The villa is near the famous town of Nuwara Eliya with its buildings of English architecture. A visit to Adams Peak is a must (where the Buddhists believe Lord Buddha’s footprint is, the Hindu’s believe that its Lord Shiva’s footprint and Christians believe that its Adam’s footprint). A visit to this religious spot that thousands of devotees come to worship should not be missed. Last but not least, a tour of the historic city of Kandy which once was the Capital of Sri Lanka and a visit to the Temple of the sacred tooth relic should be on everyone’s agenda. All of this could be done in just a few hours as these places are easily accessible from the Villa.

Once again this secluded, romantic, picturesque hideaway is a place to unwind, read a book, go sightseeing, take a swim or meditate in the serene, breathtaking beauty of the mountains.

Do take the time to visit this beautiful, relaxing holiday place, losing yourself in the majestic beauty in and around the ‘Floating Mountain Villa’, Ramboda, Sri Lanka, which is the perfect getaway destination.

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